Meet The Crew

Meet The Crew

Muthuri Kinyamu – Co-founder of Turnup.Travel

Muthuri Kinyamu is a co-founder of Turnup.Travel and one of the Directors at Saffir Africa. He’s a marketer by training, publicist by day and traveller. Previously, Muthuri Kinyamu led a social media takeover campaign for Kenya Tourism Board to promote the Great Migration and domestic tourism. Before founding Turnup.Travel, Muthuri Kinyamu was part of the Africa journey since Day 1, building an Asian Venture Brand and community from scratch into the continent leading one it is now. is now synonymous with startups and tech entrepreneurship in Kenya and Africa because of his leadership in branding and managing its public image. Between Saffir Africa duties and Turnup.Travel trips, he focuses his magic on Mettā as an ambassador, to creating a community of thinkers, creators, and doers in Kenya. LinkedIn profile:

Brian Gatimu – Co-founder at Turnup.Travel

Brian Gatimu studied Microbiology and Psychology with minors in French and Chemistry at Oregon State University in the US. He was pretty intent to pursue in medicine and had even been accepted into the Molecular Medicine program in Maryland but decided the only way to truly enact change was to go back home and develop my passion in photography, videography and open up the continent to the rest of the world armed with a Canon 700D.

Mike Njeru – Head of Content at Turn Up Travel.

Mike Njeru is an experienced Actor, Director and Producer with a demonstrated history of working in the media production industry. Mike Njeru doubles up as The Head of Marketing at Tufilamu Pictures – an award-winning production company which specializes in short films, commercials, documentaries and feature films. Mike Njeru is an IT graduate, skilled in PHP, Databases, System Administration, Linux, and Windows. Strong arts and design professional graduated from Makini High School and Strathmore University.

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