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We are a team of avengers with each member bringing a superpower to every project. We produce amazing content and craft campaigns in hospitality, travel, and tourism. Turnup in Motion powered by Turnup.Travel is an inhouse digital marketing agency and production arm, building experiences for online and offline audiences. Our team develops strategy, produces content and executes campaigns for clients and agencies. We are full service new media agency on wheels. Shall we?


We’re a Kenyan travel agency and tour operator and producer
of content.
Very experienced in both Brand, Government and Corporate PR
Creative and exciting ideas – proven and delivered consistently.
Strong networks and contacts on the ground – around Kenya.
Capacity to execute destination marketing and PR campaigns
Through our popular Instagram tours, we’ve built strong relationships with some of the best talent in the industry.
They’re the top influencers, producers, and more so we can help you take care of all of the hard stuff required to make great content at affordable rates.
We will engage social media influencers with reach, target audience, credibility and relatability with great following and content mix – written, images and video

Film Making 

We have a unique competitive advantage on three fronts to help you produce great content.

Talent: Our co-founder, Brian Gatimu is a professional photographer and an actor while our head of content, Mike Njeru doubles up as an award-winning actor, director and producer. We therefore have the talent inhouse to take your concept from paper to lights, camera and action.

Locations: As we traverse Kenya, meet different people and interact with diverse cultures, we identify great locations and stories. We can help your production crew do their recce, shoot and provide facilitation to film makers.

Logistics: We can provide transport, accommodation, meals and advisory on how to get stuff done.

Content Production 

We add a different twist to contemporary marketing, using novel techniques in photography & videography to attract the modern-day consumer.

We are collaborative, creators first and influencers second ready to work with marketing agencies to execute campaigns and often work with brands directly.

We have the capabilities to deliver experiential videos, source, onboard and manage content creators to deliver social media buzz, blogs, images and videos for events, campaigns, initiatives and causes. Send us a brief and we’ll share some ideas for consideration. Above all, we’re experienced in experiential, digital and online PR campaigns having worked with commercial, government and non-profits.

Destination Marketing Campaigns 

Our co-founder, Muthuri Kinyamu led the Great Migration Social Media Takeover campaign on behalf of Kenya Tourism Board in 2016. We have also worked with counties like Turkana County to position, promote and package the destination to attract tourists, investors and change perceptions. By leveraging the power of social media, stunning visuals and influencers, we deliver great campaigns to counties, regional associations and properties seeking a bigger piece of the pie.

Through our popular Instagram tours, we’ve built strong relationships with some of the best talent in the industry. They’re the top influencers, producers, and more so we can help you take care of all of the hard stuff required to make great content and execute successful campaigns at affordable rates.

Property Promotion 

We seek to collaborate with you in marketing your tourism product by creating content that will give you an edge in this fiercely competitive industry. The modern-day traveller has a wide range of tools to use in choosing their next destination, among them unfettered access to social media. Through social media and our ecosystem of content creators, we develop content such as blog posts, trending campaigns, HD photos and professional videos to appeal to this new age of consumers for whom traditional marketing methods just don’t make the cut anymore. Talk to us for unique ideas!

Case Studies 

Scene Tourism in Kenya: Partnership Models for Destination Marketing ( Part 2)” by Turnup.Travel with case studies of our work with both national and county governments, regional associations, valued trade partners, corporates and content creators.  Below are some case studies


Turnup.Travel sourced and managed 10 influencers on behalf of Squad Digital for #PandaSGRNaMpesa and Safaricom sponsored Mombasa IG Tour to educate the public about *639# product and we sourced influencers (paid) for the online campaign to boost the campaign and drive adoption plus usage.

ROI: Value Delivered

Guest post by Turnup.Travel on Safaricom Blog


About *639# http://bit.ly/MadarakaExpressTicket

How to book: http://akenyangirl.com/2017/09/how-to-book-madarakaexpress-sgr-tickets-via-ussd/


Turnup.Travel planned the ultimate weekend of sporting, leisure and entertainment by combining Driftwood 7s and Mombasa Instagram Tour

Sourced bloggers and photographer to cover Driftwood 7s.

Here’s a recap by Marion Vionna http://curlycheeks.com/of-boat-rides-muscle-and-everything-coastal/

Turnup.Travel also curated the nightlife experience during the weekend.


Tecno Mobile Kenya commissioned a project to film a Camon CX Lifestyle Video: SGR/ Kisite Mpunguti/ Voyager Beach Resort and paid for the video. We spent two days filming (drone footage DSLR, Go-Pro) to document the trip promoting Camon CX and Camon CX Air devices to help them leverage travel as a passion point for millennials and promote the brand.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWIWVH692_k

Outcomes: 115,000 views on YouTube and 1.6K views on Facebook


A 2017 research into the travel habits of Kenyans by Saffir Africa revealed that millennials are key drivers of domestic tourism and most holiday travellers are influenced by digital platforms, mainly social media, search engines, online agents and blogs.

By 2017, online video accounted for 74% of all online traffic (KPCB).

A Nielsen global online study found that they continue to be most willing to pay extra for sustainable offerings—who are willing to pay more for products and services that come from companies who are committed to positive social and environmental impact.

Press Trips 


Turnup.Travel has the capabilities to deploy modern and novel techniques to provide a stunningly immersive experience video. Turnup.Travel sourced models and crew for the project, provided logistical support and a location guide for the shoot, and content distribution – digital marketing support.

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