How We Do It

How We Do It

  • We’re a Kenyan travel agency, tour operator and producer of tourism content to promote Magical Kenya.
  • We will engage social media influencers with reach, target audience, credibility and relatability with great following and content mix – written, images and video.

Travel has pioneered a new way to help nations, corporates and counties package and promote what’s uniquely theirs and attractions.

We help counties find the core that holds people together. It can be its history and culture, activities like bull fighting, an event like a festival, or a tradition – like running in Iten. Sometimes we have to do reconnaissance trips to map out attractions, film and promote the place.

  • We then leverage on media both traditional and new to share the content we generate and fix negative perceptions thus opening up destinations for consideration for tourism, trade or investment.
  • We then make it available to experience by others by packaging group trips and designing holidays for people to sample and handling logistics from ticketing, accommodation and transfers. We then make it attractive to join in – by promoting places and experiences heavily – FOMO driven!

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