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Why you should use a travel agent for your post Covid era trip to Kenya

Travel Advisories

Information is changing so fast and directives are issued every week by different governments affecting inbound and outbound travellers into and out of Kenya.

If you want to avoid getting stuck and be in a better position to plan your trip options for the Covid era, you should choose a travel agent. Turnup.Travel will help with any difficulties when traveling abroad or visiting Kenya. A travel agent is well-positioned to assist you during this difficult time. We know your preferences, we know the destinations you want to visit and they know what is required of you by the relevant authorities. As a result, we can offer you a comprehensive package that is tailored to your requirements and meets all your expectations.

Cancellations and Refunds

There is no better way to get a cancellation and change policy on your tickets than with a travel agency. Your Turnup.Travel agents will have your travel needs in mind when you book your flights and hotel. The agent will then contact the airlines for you and will either arrange an exchange or refund for you for unused tickets when cancelling for any reason (even if it’s on purpose!). No stress!!!

Travel options for your budget

What if you could find the perfect airfare, hotel, and rental car by searching our website in a few clicks? How about having all your queries answered in less than a minute? You can use Turnup.Travel/flights to discover the latest deals, or checking out any single listing for cheap travel by swiping your debit card through your phone. Imagine the convenience, safety, and privacy that this technology provides allowing travelers to do more with less in terms of personal information? We also give you the benefit of talking to a real human who understands the purpose of your trip and can throw in special treats to make it memorable. Reach out to us through reservations@turnup.travel


4. Do the packing and let a professional do the planning

Holidays are the best days and you want to enjoy the entire process from bookings, to having your tours arranged and everything set before your arrival. To save time and money travelling, consider using a travel agent. Turnup.Travel will be able to provide you with different choices or locations on locations that can be included in your itinerary. This means you will be able to exclude a lot of locations and hotels which is always good advice if you’re going on holiday for the first time post covid.


5. Get you the best deal.

The best deal is always what’s within your budget and not necessarily the cheapest. Have you ever booked a ticket, and then discovered that after all the excitement, it was too expensive and they wouldn’t refund you the full amount? What if you could avoid this hassle by using a travel agent instead? Your future self will thank you. Simply put, travel agents can see prices for your entire trip in one place. This is especially helpful if you’re traveling together with friends or family, as they will be able to see the cheapest ticket, best accommodation, and activities available for each leg of your trip (and a little more).

Use a travel agent to get value for money.

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