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Things to do when you travel to Nairobi from Turnup.Travel Instagram Tours

Turnup.Travel brings Kenya’s top content creators, journalists, artists, travellers and the expat communities living in Nairobi alike to collaborate in an effort to showcase the lesser-known, softer side and usually overlooked facets of the city. Conceptualized in July 2017 as a framework to enhance collaboration and skills transfer among content creators and provide a platform for commercial and public sector brands to cooperate with influencers through travel, a Turnup.Travel Instagram tour is a visual, sensual and photographic tour that takes you to the ‘must-see’ places of any particular theme with an activity-powered itinerary. It brings together content creators, brands and other stakeholders to co-create and share experiences online. Thus an Instagram Tour is an immersive consumer experience and destination marketing initiative organized by Turnup.Travel in partnership with the private sector and government. Turnup.Travel has previously organized six IG Tours in Nairobi have thematically focussed on the history of architecture + heritage, wild side of the side, culinary experience across rooftop restaurants and an action-packed one around adventure. We also did one around culture and the 6th one on the new normal in Nairobi.
Nairobi, with its population of over 4 million diverse populace and cosmopolitan vibe that shines through its art, food, entertainment, architecture, cultures and values of communities that call the ‘green city under the sun’ home. The Instagram Tours presents an opportunity both personally and collectively to co-create and connect people across the board by casting a spotlight on the heart, spirit and soul of the city whilst showcasing its diversity, beauty and flavours.
Before Corona and curfews, we used to do these 24-hour city tours called Instagram Tours and we documented them from sunrise to sunset and nightlife experience till the following day sunrise.
Nairobi has loads of things to do and her beauty is hidden so use these videos to discover some often overlooked or different ways of experiencing the same spots uniquely.
Here are the videos

History of architecture – heritage

Adventure within the city – with adrenaline-packed activities

The wild side of Nairobi – a big five themed city experience

A 24 hour rooftop experience

– discover rooftop bars, restaurants, and spots to catch the sunrise and sunset and party on cloud 9!

New perspectives of Nairobi – for the culture, arts and architecture

Nairobi Instagram Tour 5.0 was themed around culture with a focus on Chinese food, tech, lifestyle, architecture, and music in Nairobi. We used it as an opportunity to share our cultures, sample the culinary experience, learn and appreciate Chinese art.

About Turnup.Travel Global Limited:


1) Turnup.Travel is a new age tour operator & innovative travel agency that organizes exclusive safaris, exotic holidays and themed experiences for organized groups and individual travellers. Turnup.Travel sees travel as an enabler and showcases the beauty and realities constantly changing perceptions and improving the image of the Magical Kenya destination locally and abroad.



Turnup in Motion is a new media content only agency and creatives’ collective bringing together some of the best photographers, videographers and creative thinkers in Nairobi. Turnup in Motion also produces a travel and adventure series based on millennials now in season two. Watch the showreel here


3) Turnup for Good designs, amplifies and facilitates CSR and development projects by working with local communities, corporate foundations, development organizations and conservancies. Turnup For Good has previously fundraised for planting trees in Mucharage Kihuri Forest in Aberdares, supporting an all women’s art & design craft group in Tsavo, and donating the proceeds of Nairobi Instagram Tour to the Homeless of Nairobi that provides shelter, rehabilitation and education fees for disadvantaged street children) and just recently Shaba Challenge in partnership with Action Aid to build resilience for women and girls in marginalized areas. 

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