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Turnup.Travel scoops 1st prize in International Tourism Film Festival

Turnup.Travel is honoured to receive 1st Prize in this year’s International Tourism Film Festival Africa Award in the ‘Tourism Destination — Region’ category, putting Kenya on the global map with our video production ‘City v Beach: A Kenyan Experience’

The award comes at a time when most global destinations have inbound and outbound travel restrictions imposed on them during the Covid-19 pandemic. By virtually taking travellers on a visual journey, we can showcase experiences from the comfort of their homes, while also helping our B2B clients maintain direct contact to their source markets and guests with stunning visuals.

Turnup.Travel Global is based in Nairobi, Kenya

Turnup.Travel Global started off as a tour operator serving themed experiences to new age travellers. However, we also realized that we have unbridled power through our lens and we have since been telling often overlooked stories to inspire people, educate and influence them to consider new destinations.

According to a study published by TCI Research (2018), 80 million travellers choose a destination based on TV series and movie locations. This study reveals that the number of people travelling to a destination after seeing it in a movie or TV series has doubled over the last 5 years.

Our media production arm, Turnup in Motion, is comprised of photographers, creators, writers and cinematographers who are young, curious and unapologetically Kenyan. Through Turnup in Motion, we shift narratives and perceptions on lesser-known destinations and aim to ultimately impact the culture at a deeper level.

We see our work as contributing to new knowledge, telling stories in our own way, and disrupting cultural narratives. We discover new places together, tell our past and future today through means that are readily consumed by your audience. We invite you to embark on this unique journey with us by partnering with us for video production, destination marketing campaigns, and brand collaborations, to create modern-day campfires.

Talk to us for destination marketing campaigns and recovery efforts post Covid-19, to inspire travelers make that leap to visit your destination when we do travel again.

Watch our video submission here:


You can commission Turnup in Motion video series or license our footage and images.

Contact us: Cd@turnup.travel

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